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Heart and Lung Surgery

North Shore Private Hospital offers a range of heart and lung surgical procedures with the latest surgical techniques and when combined with first-class standards of accommodation we ensure our patients receive the very best care with all heart and lung operations.

Our Cardiothoracic Services department comprise of dedicated cardiothoracic operating suites, an Intensive Care Unit, Acute Care Unit and Cardiothoracic ward. North Shore Private Hospital offers you the latest techniques in the surgical treatment of all heart and lung diseases. Our team consists of highly skilled surgeons, perfusionists, nurses and allied health professionals.

North Shore Private Hospital Offers You the Security of:

  • Access to the latest technologies in cardiothoracic and cardiology diagnostic services.
  • An emergency interventional cardiology service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Referral to our expert cardiothoracic surgeons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A 19-bed Intensive Care Unit
  • A specialised 5 bed Acute Cardiac Unit with on-site medical staff and full-time cardiologists
  • A 20 Bed Cardiothoracic/ Cardiology ward.
  • Post-procedural rehabilitation in association with the North Shore Heart Research Foundation.

The heart and lung surgical department at North Shore Private Hospital carries out many different types of surgical procedures information for some of these can be found on the below links:

Additional information:

Our staff understand that you may be feeling a little anxious and unsure about what lies ahead. This information is designed to provide you with information to assist in the preparation for and recovery from your heart or lung operation.  We also hope that this information will help alleviate any uncertainties surrounding your stay with us.

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