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Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Unit

Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Unit

Formerly located at Macquarie Hospital, Ryde and known as the Centre for Bone and Joint Diseases, the Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery Unit was the first ward to open at North Shore Private Hospital in July 1997. Over ten years later the unit continues to provide a wide range of procedures performed by some of Australia's most talented orthopaedic surgeons.

Coupled with this is the pre and post operative care provided by our nursing staff, many of whom have been with the orthopaedic unit from its beginnings. Together, the surgeons and nursing staff provide a wealth of experience and expertise to patients to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Types of Surgery performed

Spinal Surgery - This includes cervical fusion, decompression, laminectomy, discectomy and Foraminotomy

Upper Limb - Shoulders – This includes rotator cuff repairs, soft tissue damage repairs, shoulder release (to increase range of movement), unstable shoulder repairs, total shoulder replacement and arthroscopy

Upper Limb-Elbows – This includes soft tissue repairs, elbow replacement and arthroscopy

Upper Limb- Hands – Both adult and paediatric procedures are performed including repair of congenital conditions, Brachial Plexus repair, fractures, carpel tunnel release, release of Dupytren’s contracture, nerve and muscle releases, joint replacements.

Hips - This includes open reduction and internal fixation for fractured hip and femur as well as total hip replacement

Knees - This includes knee replacement, knee reconstructions including anterior cruciate and multi ligament repairs, high tibial osteotomy, unilateral knee replacement and total knee replacement

Foot and ankle - This includes fracture repairs, ligament repairs, Achilles tendon repairs, peroneal tendon repairs and reconstruction, fore foot reconstruction and repair of bunions.

Information for Patients


On the ward our highly trained orthopaedic physios provide an early involvement to assist patients to regain movement, strength and independence following injury or surgery.

The physios work in partnership with the doctors and nurses to provide personal care to facilitate optimal recovery. This may include; exercises, prescription of walking aids, gait re-education, education on slings and braces and advice on do’s and don’ts.

Our team’s priority is your recovery and safe discharge to a rehabilitation centre or home.

Children - Please read the ‘Parents Information sheet’ document for more information.


You may need ongoing physiotherapy and support prior to returning home and this is available at a number of rehabilitation centres. This will be discussed with you during your hospital stay and should this be required you will be visited by the Discharge Planner who will be able to give you all the relevant information. Contact: 02 8425 3450.

Facilities available include Hunters Hill Private Hospital and Mount Wilga Private Hospital.

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