North Shore Private Hospital
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Volunteer Program at North Shore Private Hospital

Volunteer Program Mission Statement

“To provide an opportunity for community involvement within our organisation and raise awareness of the services we provide to our community.”

Who can volunteer? (You must be over 18 years of age to volunteer)

  • People who have some available spare time and who wish to help others
  • People with a happy enthusiastic approach to life
  • People who enjoy chatting or being with others
  • People who enjoy being part of a team
  • People who care about others
  • People who want to make a difference

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Volunteers work as valued members of the team
  • Volunteers share and learn skills and abilities
  • Volunteers meet new people and build friendships
  • Volunteers enrich the world of others whilst enriching their own
  • Free parking for volunteer shifts
  • Access to Ramsay employee club

How do I become a volunteer?

Contact North Shore Private Hospital’s Volunteer Coordinator, Debbie Foley on: 8425 3037, or email:

You will be asked to come to the Hospital to meet with us to talk about:

  • Your interest in volunteering
  • What you hope to gain from your volunteer experience
  • Your preferred area of service
  • Your available time and how we can best help you to become part of the North Shore Volunteer family

What are some of the jobs that volunteers can do?

  • Assisting with enquiries at Main Reception
  • Escorting patients from Reception
  • Collation of files
  • Data entry
  • Tidying patient rooms
  • Making up Patient Information Packs
  • Scanning and Filing

You can be assigned to one area of the Hospital or choose a volunteer job that takes you to a number of areas completing a variety of jobs.

Volunteering at North Shore Private Hospital

The Volunteering Program commenced at North Shore Private in February 2009. One of our main aims is to provide an opportunity for community involvement and we value the contribution our volunteers make to the care of our patients.

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