North Shore Private Hospital
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GP Education

North Shore Private Hospital is committed to the ongoing education of local doctors, and offers high-quality and interactive educational GP seminars in partnership with accredited specialists.

Our GP education events cover the full spectrum of medical specialties, from the common to the complex - with a focus on innovation, hands-on involvement and practical tips that will arm you with new tools to do things more easily/efficiently and safely.

North Shore Private Hospital GP events cover both categories 1 & 2 RACGP Accredited GP QA&CPD activities

Please contact Wendy Bierer on 0419 201 105 or email for further information.

Click on our GP Quick Tips for our 30 second VMO tips on diagnosing frozen shoulder, which imaging to X-Ray for knee arthritis and more.

Mark these dates in your calendar...

All sessions are worth 4 Category 2 points, and run from 6:30-9pm unless indicated

Category 2 Evening Sessions 6.30 - 9.00pm (please be advised schedule of events and some dates have changed)

  • Tuesday February 19th - Structural Heart
  • Wednesday March 13th – Women’s Health
  • Tuesday April 2nd - Colorectal and pancreatic cancer
  • Wednesday July 24th - Bariatrics
  • Tuesday August 6th - Neurology and neurosurgery
  • Wednesday September 18th - Paediatrics
  • Tuesday October 22nd – Gastroenterology and Proctology
  • Tuesday November 12th - Orthopaedic Live Case

Category 1 Active Learning Modules (ALM) 40 points

  • Saturday 1st June - Category 1 Orthopaedics – hands/wrists, knees, foot/ankle