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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Our maternity unit is open and receiving patients. If you are being admitted for observation, treatment or delivery, it is important that you follow the hospital’s instructions. Please make sure your family and visitors are also aware of any precautions that may impact upon their ability to visit the hospital.

Please click here for the latest important information for maternity patients and visitors.

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Before Your Stay

Before Your Stay

Everything you need to know about your admission, our education programs and the birthing suite


Your stay

Your stay

Information on our services during your stay such as food, classes and our welcome to your family.


After Baby Support

After Baby Support

All you need to know about our Helping Hands Clinic, Feeding Clinics, Gidget House and other classes.


Gidget House

Emotional Wellbeing Program

Our Emotional Wellbeing Program starts before you give birth.



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North Shore Private Hospital Maternity Virtual Tour

North Shore Private Hospital Maternity Virtual Tour


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Call us for more information about having your baby at North Shore Private Hospital

Phone (02) 8425 3950

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During your pregnancy

During your pregnancy at any stage, if you are worried about yourself or your baby, or you think you may be in labour, please contact the North Shore Private Birthing Suite (02) 8425 3288.

Visiting Hours

2-4pm and 6-8pm

Due to Covid 19, 2 vaccinated visitors are allowed per your stay in hospital, one being your designated support partner*. Both visitors must wear masks at all times.

*Your designated support partner is allowed “around the clock”. A strict Covid-19 testing protocol is required if your designated support partner is unvaccinated.