North Shore Private Hospital
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Rapid Access TIA and Neurology Service


Please note that between 20th December 2022 to 9th January 2023 the TIA clinic will be closed, if you are concerned about a patient, please sent them to their closest emergency department.

The Rapid Access TIA and Neurology Service at North Shore Private Hospital is available Monday-Fridays (excluding public holidays).

We offer this day only service for patients with the following suspected conditions

  • Transient Ischemic attack or minor stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Acute cranial nerve palsies eg Bell's (7th nerve) palsy, Abducens (6th nerve) palsy etc
  • Other neurological conditions that may warrant a hospital admission

This specialist service attracts a gap payment for all patients. Hospital costs are covered by your private health fund, except for any excess requirements relating to each patients particular health fund policy. In addition to our inpatient admission service, we offer an outpatient service that will attract a consultation fee. A schedule of these fees is available from us on request.

The day admission service provides the highest quality comprehensive assessment, diagnostics and treatment plan. All patients are followed up by the consulting neurologist.

Doctors wishing to refer a patient to our Rapid Access TIA and Neurology Service need to complete referral form downloadable from this page and fax it to 8425 3560. When a referral is received, the patient is contacted by a clinic staff member on the same or next business day to arrange an urgent assessment. A hospital information sheet for the patient is attached to the back of the referral form.

If you require any assistance please contact:

North Shore Private Hospital Rapid Access and Neurology Service

Suite 7, Level 3
North Shore Private Hosptial
3 Westbourne Street
St Leonards NSW 2065
Phone: 02 8425 3546
Fax: 02 8425 3560

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