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Education Programs

Preparing you physically and emotionally

Maternity Education 

North Shore Private Hospital is committed to planning and providing a comprehensive childbirth and parenting program to prepare parents for the birth of their child. Our educators are all experienced clinicians and are employed within our Maternity Unit. This ensures a continuum of care for you from your time at North Shore Private and into the community.

Firstly, submit your maternity online admission booking form. We are unable to accept class bookings until we receive your admission details.

We recommend booking your desired class midway through your pregnancy to ensure your preferred place. An ideal time to attend your classes is between 32 and 36 weeks gestation and onwards, this will help you to retain the information given in the class. Class numbers are restricted to maintain a personal and conducive teaching environment.

Our class costs cover you and your support person (excluding the Grandparents class). We ask that you or your partner do not attend classes if you are unwell.

Your booked education class of your choice includes:

  • Admission to a chosen class for you and one additional guest (excluding grandparents class)
  • Educational material
  • Light refreshments
  • Discounted parking for North Shore Private patients

The cost of your antenatal classes may be covered by your health fund. We advise you check with your provider before making payment.

Class bookings will not be accepted if giving birth at another hospital.

Once you have booked your class you will receive an email confirming your booking.

Antenatal Classes

We recommend attending one of the following face to face classes only (click through for class descriptions) or a virtual class option (Birth Beat):

Optional classes

Postnatal classes

Antenatal Learning Centre