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Overview and tours

Personalised care…

Overview and Tours

North Shore Private together with our community welcomes over 2,500 babies each year!

Our Maternity Team, led by our very experienced Clinical Manager, Stephanie Virgona and postnatal Nursing Unit Manager (NUM), Michelle Daniels, take pride in patient safety and wellness. North Shore Private is proud to have such a collaborative team of Obstetricians, Paediatricians, Midwives, Social Workers and Lactation experts to ensure you have a very special pregnancy and birthing experience. In the event of your baby requiring special care, our Special Care Nursery is well equipped to take care of your baby.

“North Shore Private is a wonderful environment to have your baby. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate individual needs through pregnancy, birth, postnatal care and through the early stages of parenting and family life together.” says Michelle.

“Our skillful, caring Midwives, with the help of our lactation specialists, educators and doctors is what I believe makes our maternity unit exceptional.”

Join us on one of our next Maternity Tours and see why North Shore Private’s Maternity department exceeds its reputation.

Maternity Tours

Are you planning a pregnancy or deciding where to have your baby?

We welcome you to join us for a guided maternity tour to see what makes us so unique and a leader in Maternity Services in Sydney. The guided tours are free and run by our Maternity Customer Service team. The tours include our luxurious new birthing unit, postnatal ward and nursery. The Maternity tours run for approximately 15 minutes where we can answer any questions you may have and you will have the opportunity to meet our fabulous midwives and staff.

Tours are run at North Shore Private Hospital every Tuesday and Wednesday at 1.00pm, Thursday at 6.00pm and Saturdays at 1.00pm and 2.00pm.

We also now offer maternity tours and childbirth and parenting classes conducted in Mandarin. The Mandarin speaking tours are run monthly on Tuesday at 2pm.

Please book one of our tours online or call our Maternity Customer Relations team on 02 8425 3387 to arrange a time.