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GP Quick Tips

North Shore Private Hospital is proud to bring you GP Quick Tips – These are 20-40 second tips from hospital VMOs with insider information to help GPs with their examinations and surgical routines, as well as providing updates and innovations in particular specialties.

ENT month

Awake laryngeal procedures

My patient won't burp

When to refer for a hoarse voice

How to use a nose spray

Meet our VMOs

Dr Margie Harpham - Should I offer both NT and NIPT to my patients?

Dr Kathryn Austin - Should I offer my patients genetic carrier screening?

Dr Ben Cass - Diagnosing frozen shoulder

Dr David Parker - Lachman test on an inflamed knee

Dr David Parker - What knee imaging should I order?

Dr Anthony Beard - Unravelling wrist problems

Dr Russell Duncan - Endometriosis update

Dr Usaid Allahwalah - What new treatments are available for cardiovascular disease?