North Shore Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Sustainability (Waste & Recycling)

North Shore Private Hospital (NSPH) is an environmentally friendly facility that plans for the safe, sustainable and cost effective management of resource and energy use, waste and recyclables.


Waste is separated into the following broad categories – Clinical (including Sharps), Pharmaceutical, Cytotoxic, Radioactive, Chemical and General – and disposed of appropriately. In addition NSPH separates and engages specific contractors to remove Confidential (paper) waste, printer cartridges, E-waste, Liquid (grease trap) waste and other building related waste.

Small General Waste bins are available in each patient room and other areas of the hospital. These can be used to dispose of “co-mingled” waste - general waste and other recyclables: aluminium and steel cans, glass and plastic bottles, newspapers and other paper items.

NSPH staff are educated on the correct use of our various waste and recycling streams. In addition, sustainable practices (e.g. minimising paper printing, use of re-usable coffee cups and water bottles) are encouraged.

Efficiencies in energy consumption have been gained by progressively replacing lighting with LED, where appropriate. Efficiencies in air conditioning use are being investigated, to further reduce energy consumption.


NSPH has a premium contractual arrangement for collection of “co-mingled” General Waste. This waste is pre-sorted at the contractor’s processing centre. Recyclable items are removed for recycling. Non-recyclables remain in the general waste stream.

In addition NSPH has engaged contractors to remove and recycle the large volume of bailed cardboard packaging/boxes that come through our Stores, and other areas of the Hospital, and also bailed Kimguard (outer wrap for sterile Theatre items).

Sustainability (Waste & Recycling)