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Emotional Wellbeing

Support when you need it

Gidget Foundation Australia Emotional Wellbeing Program at North Shore Private Hospital

At North Shore Private Hospital your emotional wellbeing is extremely important and integral to the maternity services we offer.

Australian research suggests that all pregnant women benefit from the opportunity to discuss their emotional health. We are therefore very proud to be working with, and supported by, the Gidget Foundation Australia. The Gidget Foundation was established in 2001 with the aim of identifying emotional wellbeing amongst expectant and new parents.

Our Emotional Wellbeing Program, run in conjunction with the Gidget Foundation Australia provides women with the opportunity to address and discuss their feelings during pregnancy in a supportive confidential environment with our midwives. This unique program is supported by leading psychiatrists, obstetricians and midwives and has been specifically designed for the private hospital.

All pregnant women at North Shore Private, as part of the Emotional Wellbeing Program, are offered an appointment with one of our trained midwives to discuss their emotional health during their pregnancy.

What is the Emotional Wellbeing Program?

At 20 weeks all pregnant women booked for the birth of their baby at North Shore Private will receive an online psychosocial assessment questionnaire via email. The results of these questionnaires indicate women who may be at risk of developing perinatal mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

A specifically trained midwife at North Shore Private Hospital will review the completed questionnaire and if you are at risk you will be contacted within 2-3 business days. The midwife will arrange a confidential one-on-one appointment allowing you the opportunity to confidentially discuss your emotional wellbeing and how you are feeling.

At the appointment the midwife will ask you some questions that will help them to professionally assess your emotional health – the conversation can be wide-ranging and is an opportunity for you to talk about how you are feeling. Appointments are confidential and the information you provide is shared with your obstetrician.

Resources, support and further help options are offered should you need them – support can include practical help as well as psychological/emotional support.

You can find out more about the Gidget Foundation here.

Emotional Wellbeing Program

Start Talking Program

In addition to the North Shore Private Hospital Emotional Wellbeing Program we are very pleased to be able to refer you to the Gidget Foundation’s Start Talking Program.

This program provides free Telehealth psychological counselling services for expectant and new parents nationally.

Provided by specialist psychologists, psychiatrists and where available social workers and child/family health nurses, this program is available for people who have a diagnosis of, or who are at risk of developing, a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, and are pregnant or have a baby up to 12 months of age. Partners can also access these specialised services.

To learn more about the Start Talking Program please click here.

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