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Education Programs

Preparing you physically and emotionally

Book Active Birth Class

At North Shore Private we recommend attendance at education sessions between 30 and 36 weeks gestation.

Please note that these sessions are for North Shore Private Maternity patients only. We cannot accept bookings from patients who are not booked at North Shore Private.

Registration is per couple (2 people).

Once you register online you will receive an email confirming your class and its relevant details.

If you cannot find a session time that is suitable, please call our Maternity Bookings Officer on (02) 8425 3950, 9am-3pm.

Active Birth Class
Saturday 22 January 2022
02.30 PM
Only 8 seats available. Register
Active Birth Class
Saturday 26 February 2022
02.30 PM
Only 9 seats available. Register
Active Birth Class
Saturday 26 March 2022
02.30 PM
Only 11 seats available. Register