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Minister Sussan Ley opens North Shore Private expansion

Dec 14, 2016

North Shore Private is now truly private, with the official opening of its South Wing expansion - which includes 40 more beds, new patient lounges with panoramic harbour views and luxury parenting suites.

Opened by the Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley this week, the hospital now guarantees every patient room is private – providing a more comfortable, quiet and
patient-centred experience.

Minister Sussan Ley and Ramsay Health Care Chairman Mr Michael Siddle.

During the opening, the Minister acknowledged the role of private hospitals for today’s health consumer.

“Without a strong private health system you don’t have a strong health system,” she said.

“We do rely on Australians who take out their own private insurance to supplement their care in the same way the system relies on parents who contribute to private school fees to leave the public system strong.

“And as a government we recognise and respect the contribution that private hospitals make.”

Addressing Ramsay Health Care Board Members, North Shore Private senior management, doctors and nurses, the Minister said that the hospital's expanded new maternity and patient facilities “will be valued”.

“By having this opening today what we’re recognising is expanded services in health and more access to health and again that strong public/private partnership [Royal North Shore and North Shore Private] that you should be so proud of.”

North Shore Private CEO Mr Richard Ryan said that the new wing would also include eight new luxury parenting suites, fitted with double beds to provide family bonding time for new parents when they need it most.

“We are with our maternity patients every step of the way, from emotional well-being assessments, through to a free celebration dinner for couples to in-hospital care at time of delivery,” says Mr Ryan.

“We then provide a continuous loop of care post-delivery care via the Helping Hands Clinic, where new parents can return to hospital for one on one advice about baby feeding, sleeping and settling right up until the baby is aged one.”

He said surgical patients would also benefit from the new renovations with patient lounges providing pleasant spaces for patients to recuperate in.

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