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Neuroradiology feature

Apr 10, 2017

North Shore Private Hospital shares a campus with North Shore Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. This collaboration allows patients to have their imaging conducted on site, both before and after their procedure with our health professionals.

One particular speciality that relies heavily on our radiology services is neurosurgery, particularly for long-standing neurosurgeon, Dr Raymond Cook. Dr Cook has extensive expertise in Deep Brain Stimulation, a surgical procedure used to treat a variety of disabling neurological symptoms. Most commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease, these symptoms include tremor, rigidity, stiffness, slowed movement and walking problems. 

“Performing a Deep Brain Stimulation procedure entails a lot of complex radiology imaging and planning pre, during and post-surgery.” Says Dr Raymond Cook. 

“I work with a multidisciplinary team, Sydney DBS, who work collaboratively to care for our patients. North Shore Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Neuroradiologists’ Dr David Brazier and Dr Allison Newey supervise and protocol these specialised MRI and CT studies while the specialised Neuroradiographers, Nathan Anderson and Glen Cooper focus on the acquisition and fusion of this MRI and CT data. This specialised work relies on the seamless assistance, relationship and common objectives with North Shore Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. 

At North Shore Private Hospital I know I can rely on the best technology, assistance and support to ensure excellent clinical outcomes, patient care and safety using advanced technologies.” 

Please visit our website to find out more about as well as our Neurosurgical Services Department.