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North Shore Private delivers trailblazing technology

Apr 15, 2020

The first spine surgery in New South Wales to use cutting-edge technology that combines robotics with navigation has been successfully performed at North Shore Private Hospital at St Leonards.

Neurosurgeon and spine specialist Dr Jonathon Ball was the first doctor in NSW to use the high-tech Mazor X Stealth Edition Robot to plan and guide metal implants into a patient’s spine.

“This technology delivers unprecedented safety, reliability and accuracy for surgeons,” Dr Ball said. “I am now using it in almost every spinal fusion operation I perform.”

Dr Ball said the Mazor X technology was suitable for a wide range of different cases including spinal deformity, cancer and degenerative conditions.

“It allows surgeons to pinpoint the exact placement and trajectory of implants into the spine,” he said.

“Normally, surgeons rely on freehand techniques and x-rays in complex spine surgery and while technology has advanced in recent years, this equipment takes accuracy and safety to new heights.

“The Mazor X system tracks the position of instruments in relation to the patient’s anatomy to improve accuracy, which is vital in spine operations where the spinal cord and vital organs might be only two or three millimetres away.

“It means less time under anaesthetic, fewer x-rays, smaller incisions and faster recovery.”

North Shore Private Hospital Chief Executive Officer Richard Ryan said investing in the Mazor X Stealth Edition ensured patients had access to leading edge equipment.

“Surgeons who operate at North Shore Private are looking for the latest technologies to support world class care to their patients,” Mr Ryan said.

“This new robotic equipment enables North Shore Private to be a leader in spinal surgery.”