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North Shore launches ambitious sustainability program

Mar 18, 2021

North Shore Private Hospital is being congratulated on its incredible sustainability program, which is set to save more than one million plastic items from ending up in landfill in the next year.

Launched in March 2021, the new sustainability initiatives include replacing more than 14,000 plastic cups, cutlery items and straws each week with bio-degradable alternatives. That switch alone will prevent 767,000 plastic items ending up in landfill over the next 12 months.

Catering and Housekeeping Manager Hilary Dias said from April 2021, North Shore Private is also phasing out plastic water bottles, which will be replaced with Purezza dual head taps in patient pantries, kitchens, staff and tea rooms and an education room.

“We are really excited to embark on this sustainability project, by installing 18 dual head taps for our staff and patients to use, we will be stopping 327,600 plastic water bottles from ending up as landfill every year,” Mr Dias said.

“We’re also installing commercial dishwashers to all patient pantries and ordering glasses and water jugs with lids to prevent the need for plastic water bottles.”

By replacing plastic water bottles, cutlery, cups and straws with more environmentally friendly options, North Shore Private is preventing the waste of 1,094,600 non-degradable items.

The hospital has already phased out glad wrap and instead uses bio-degradable food packaging.

North Shore launches ambitious sustainability program