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Stroke prevention device arrives at North Shore Private Hospital

Aug 27, 2019

North Shore Private was the second hospital in Australia to use a stroke prevention device called the Sentinel Cerebral Protection System (Sentinel CPS) during transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).

During a TAVI procedure, embolic debris such as calcium or tissue can break loose, travel through the bloodstream towards the brain and potentially cause neurological and neurocognitive damage, such as stroke.

Sentinel CPS is used to filter, capture and remove this debris or tissue. The system is percutaneously delivered with an embolic filter to the brachiocephalic artery, and a second embolic filter delivered to the left common carotid artery. 

At the completion of the procedure, the filters and debris are recaptured into the catheter and removed from the patient. 

Professor Ravinay Bhindi and Dr Peter Hansen completed the first procedure using the Sentinel CPS at North Shore Private Hospital.

Clinical evidence from the SENTINEL IDE trial (presented at the SENTINEL FDA Advisory Panel in 2017) found a stroke reduction of approximately 40 per cent at 30 days but underpowered for significance at 30 days; a reduction in peri-procedural ‘all stroke’ to day three; and about 99 per cent debris capture and retrieval verified by an independent core-lab.