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Research Ethics

North Shore Private Ethics Committee (NSP HREC) (EC00443) will be closing shortly.

Over the past 12 months, we have been reviewing our research activities within Ramsay Health Care. As a result, we are moving to a national system of Research Ethics and Governance, allowing us to improve operating processes, make research easier to establish in a Ramsay facility, and minimise the duplication of ethics applications among sites for the same projects. This also means we’ll be closing the facility-based HRECs.

We can now review applications for proposed research studies at any Ramsay facility across Australia, and can also accept external ethical approvals from NHRMC certified HRECs .These changes will be particularly beneficial for those facilities which do not currently operate an ethics committee.

For amendment requests, adverse event reports or progress reports of existing projects reviewed by the NSP HREC prior to 1st July 2019): Ethical oversight will be transferred to and is subject to acceptance by the new RHC NSW | VIC HREC. You will be advised in writing when the transition of ethical oversight has been approved for your project. You may need to advise HRECs who have provided reciprocal ethical approval, funding agencies, other regulatory bodies or clinical trial Sponsors of this change in oversight.

For new research applications: All applications to undertake research at RHC sites will be reviewed for ethical acceptability by one of the newly formed Ramsay Health Care HRECs. Our HRECs will consider applications for research and quality improvement projects to be carried out at any Ramsay Health Care facility

For further information regarding Ethics at Ramsay, please visit Ramsay Health Care - HREC - Research Ethics.