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North Shore Private Hospital Ethics Committee (NSPHEC)

North Shore Private Hospital has always been very supportive of and highly values the research activities that are carried out within the hospital. The importance of evidence based practice that informs the care we deliver to our patients is of paramount importance and for this reason we endeavour to support research activities within the hospital. In September 2011 the first Ethics Committee was established at North Shore Private Hospital. This is a significant initiative for North Shore Private Hospital and we hope that it will make the process for research studies simpler and quicker for those who would like to carry out research activities.

The role of the North Shore Private Ethics Committee (NSPHEC) is to consider the ethical implications of all research protocols involving human subjects, being conducted under the auspices of the Hospital. It should fulfil the role set out by the NH&MRC of the Commonwealth Government in relation to proposals made by the members of the hospital staff, and staff of other organisations for conduct of research within the hospital and associated institutions. Proposals may relate to patients and former patients of this hospital, their relatives, staff of the hospital or equivalent persons in other institutions. All relevant information about submission of an application can be found on this site or by contacting the Secretary of the Ethics Committee.

The Committee will also be responsible for considering any clinical ethical dilemmas and contentious clinical issues which may arise at North Shore Private Hospital. Its role will be to act in an advisory and/or consultative capacity in relation to difficult clinical problems. However, while the deliberations of the Panel will be intended to help resolve the issues under discussion, they will in no way replace, or derogate from, the legal and professional responsibilities of the treating health professional/s or the organisation's management.

The Committee is Chaired by Dr Garth Leslie.

For further information and queries, please email the Secretary at:

Copies of the following documents are available from the Secretary on request:

  • NSPHEC approved template for Participant Information Sheet and Consent Forms
  • Ramsay approved template for CTRA and MTA agreements
  • NSPH Logos

Please note applications will not be considered without a cover letter, a completed checklist and the necessary supporting documents.

If investigators have any outstanding reports due for previous applications, these must be submitted before new applications can be considered.

2019 Application Closing Dates and Committee Meetings

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