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Orthopaedic services

Patient loungeNorth Shore Private’s Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery Unit has a long and trusted history of quality care and surgical excellence on Sydney’s North Shore. Formerly located at Macquarie Hospital, Ryde and known as the Centre for Bone and Joint Diseases, the Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery Unit opened at North Shore Private Hospital in July 1998.

We house the largest and one of the most prolific Orthopaedic Wards in Sydney. Our recent expansion has increased our Orthopaedic Ward to 76 private rooms, making it the only orthopaedic ward on Sydney’s Lower North Shore with all private rooms. The benefit is a quieter, more comfortable stay for your entire recuperating period following your surgery. Our brand new patient lounge offers a quiet place to meet visitors or rest while enjoying the beautiful view of Sydney’s lower North Shore.

The progressive specialists who choose to operate at North Shore Private use the latest in evidence based procedures to ensure positive patient outcomes are consistently achieved. Best practice standards across our multidisciplinary team, from nursing and physiotherapy to our medical staff are enforced by strict adherence to National Health Standards. Our patient centred care, means individualised treatment and one on one physiotherapy following surgery for each patient.

We have Orthopaedic Specialists that cover every limb of the body. Our co-located campus with Royal North Shore Hospital provides easy access to physicians, across all specialties such as Cardiologists, Orthogeriatricians and Respiratory Physicians. This offers our patients the reassurance that assistance across all disciplines is readily available should the need arise. Other services such as microbiology and radiology are also located on the campus, ensuring quick turnaround of results.

North Shore Private also has a reputation for specialised Orthopaedic cases, such as sarcoma surgery. We are one of the only private hospitals in Australia with this distinction.

North Shore Private also prides itself on excellent clinical patient outcomes. Our hospital outcomes for infection rates, falls and hand hygiene compared to the national hospital benchmark, can be viewed here.

Stryker MakoWhere experience meets cutting edge technology

We specialise in joint replacement surgery and now offer robotic surgery for suitable patients.

Through its innovative use of technology, Stryker’s MAKO robotic-arm assisted surgery takes total and partial knee resurfacing to a new level of precision, when compared to manual techniques.

By selectively targeting the part of your knee damaged by osteoarthritis, your surgeon can replace the diseased part of your knee while helping to spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it.

A patient-specific 3D model is used to pre-plan your knee replacement and assists your surgeon in positioning the implant based on your anatomy.

North Shore Private MAKO trained Orthopaedic Surgeons

Dr Richard Boyle
125 Ourimbah Road, Mosman
(02) 8064 0310

Dr Sanjeev Gupta
Suite 1.08, Mater Clinic, North Sydney
(02) 9519 1919

Dr Maurice Guzman
Suite 101, RPAH Medical Centre
100 Carillon Ave, Newtown
(02) 9025 0873

Dr Mark Horsley
52 Susan St, Newtown
(02) 9516 2133

Dr Dimitri Papadimitriou
105/118 Christie St, St Leonards
(02) 9966 4500

A/Prof David Parker
The Gallery, Level 1
445 Victoria Ave, Chatswood
(02) 9411 7700

During your stay you will be visited by a member of our physiotherapy team for your individualised treatment program. Our Physiotherapists work closely with our Orthopaedic Specialists in following specific protocols of movement and exercise to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals. Sessions may include exercises, prescription of walking aids, gait re-education, education on slings and braces and advice on do’s and don’ts. We also provide you with discharge information to take home.

Following your surgery, you may be offered rehabilitation at one of our rehabilitation facilities at Hunters Hill Private Hospital, Mt Wilga Private Hospital or Kareena Private Hospital. Rehabilitation may be as an inpatient or as a day patient (outpatient). We offer free transport to our rehabilitation facilities for inpatient rehabilitation. Learn more.

This will be discussed with you during your hospital stay and should this be required you will be visited by the Discharge Planner. Our Discharge Planner will help you plan your discharge ensuring an easy transition to home or rehabilitation facility. Contact: 02 8425 3450.

North Shore Private has a strong focus on research and teaching. We are an approved tertiary education centre for both medical and nursing students that involve our orthopaedic team. Our ethics committee approves numerous research studies each year.

The Lincoln Centre: for Research into Bone and Joint Disease and Hand Surgery:

“Welcome to the North Shore Private Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery Unit. Our aim is to provide you with exceptional individualised care during your stay with us and beyond. You can trust our experience and well established team of Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Educators. We love what we do and hope that is reflected in the experience you receive with us.”

Belinda Moroney is the Nursing Unit Manager, and has worked in the Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery Unit since North Shore Private Hospital opened in 1998. Having previously worked at the Centre for Bone and Joint Diseases in Ryde, she has well over 20 years’ experience in Orthopaedic Nursing. Her passion for her patients and her immense clinical experience has helped maintain the North Shore Private’s Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery Unit’s status as a leading centre for orthopaedic care. Return visitors to the ward are remembered and welcomed by Belinda with warmth, comfort and trust.

To learn more about some of our Orthopaedic Specialists and the latest treatments watch these videos:

KNEE ARTHRITIS - Dr David Parker


WRIST PAIN - Dr Anthony Beard


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