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Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

During your stay you will be visited by a member of our physiotherapy team for your individualised treatment program. Our Physiotherapists work closely with our Orthopaedic Specialists in following specific protocols of movement and exercise to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals. Sessions may include exercises, prescription of walking aids, gait re-education, education on slings and braces and advice on do’s and don’ts. We also provide you with discharge information to take home.

Following your surgery, you may be offered rehabilitation at one of our rehabilitation facilities at Hunters Hill Private Hospital, Mt Wilga Private Hospital or Kareena Private Hospital. Rehabilitation may be as an inpatient or as a day patient (outpatient). We offer free transport to our rehabilitation facilities for inpatient rehabilitation. Learn more.

Rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery can now also be offered in the home to eligible patients through Ramsay Connect. Learn more

This will be discussed with you during your hospital stay and should this be required you will be visited by the Discharge Planner. Our Discharge Planner will help you plan your discharge ensuring an easy transition to home or rehabilitation facility. Contact: 02 8425 3450.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy